What I’m Playing – 04-03-2021

April 3, 2021

This is the log of games that I’ve been playing recently. If you’re wondering what games I recommend or am currently enamored with, this is your page. Expect plenty of RPGs, storytelling games, and card games. I may throw in a video game or two occasionally, but this isn’t really the place for that.

I will update this page semi-regularly, but who knows how long that means. Basically, whenever I feel this has gone out of date, expect an update.

Recently, I’ve been playing:
– Settlers of Catan – I don’t think this game needs much of an explanation. A classic.
– Sleepaway by Jay Dragon – For those of you who haven’t been introduced to Jay’s work, I HIGHLY recommend checking this horror RPG out. Have only played it once, but I’m already talking with friends about the next time we play. (Possum Creek Games)
– Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective – If you’ve ever wanted to feel like a complete dumbass, I’d check this game out. The Shut Up and Sit Down review of it is quite good at explaining the game. It’s very simple, with essentially no mechanics. Pure mystery solving hysteria. (Space Cowboy Games)

– My weekly OD&D game has been going strong, with several players (finally) about to reach 2nd level. If you’re more interested in reading about that game, check out my Running the Open Table series.

In other news, I recently put up my first game Our Sacred Waters on Itch.io, so that’s been getting played at the table recently, for playtesting and whatnot. You can read about that game here.

To see other games I recommend or have played recently, click here.

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